Tony Onodi

Are you sure this is a Q&A? It seems more like an about page?


So you're doing your whole about page in a Q&A format with yourself?


Doesn't that make you feel weird and self conscious at all?

Very much so, can we just get on with it?

O-kayyyy. So what's your job?

I've been a full stack web programmer for two years now and started dabbling in apps (with Apache Cordova) about six months ago.

Did you do any programming prior to that?

Of course, I wrote my first program in QBASIC when I was maybe 11 or 12. And I dipped in and out of making highly unimpressive webs ites throughout my teens. I studied Physics with Computing at university which meant doing some C but I only really started getting into it once I graduated and it's been pretty constant in my life since then.

In reverse chronological order what were you doing prior to that?

Three months of travelling around South East Asia; 9 months of working in an admin job; 3 years of studying Physics with Computing at the University of Bath; school.

That'll do. What programming languages are you familiar with?

I'm a JavaScript programmer by day but a bit of a PL geek by night. I'm passable with Clojure and Ruby, both of which I love. And have do ne a fair bit of PHP. Other languages I quite like the look of but don't know too well include Racket (and Scheme), Haskell, Python, Elixir, and Perl 6.

How about tools and frameworks?

Well framework wise I've worked with meteor and WordPress. I love meteor. I've done more jquery work than I like to think about and dabble d in react. In terms of tools I know my way around a command line, am moving from sublime text to atom and do alright in vim.

What's with the favicon? It's a bit odd.

It's a secret.